Create Project Status Report in Project Online automatically using Microsoft Flow

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Build your Flow


  • To begin, from your App Launcher, select Flow, and select New from Blank
  • Add your 1st step as “When a Project is published” trigger, and specify the PWA URL.

As your second step, add the action Send an HTTP request to SharePoint. We will use this to read the Project Online Data using OData query. Name the action to something easy to work with like GetProjectData. This is important, as you will use this action name later in another action.

Structure your action as shown below.

Note the use of dynamic variable Returned Projects Project ID . This allows us to keep the flow generic.

Note: Technically, you should also be able to use the List Project action, in place of the Send HTTP request to SharePoint, but I have not been able to get it to work in a similar fashion.

The next step is to read the output of the HTTP request to SharePoint action into variables so that we can use them in next steps.

So, insert an action Initialize Variable. This variable would be set to the custom field we want extract out of the OData query form previous action.

For example, if we want to get the value of a custom field in Project Online called Location, the syntax would be



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