Creating a Hybrid Dataset

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For the first part we need to start in Power BI, which can be found at Power BI uses workspaces to organise datasets, reports and dashboards, with a free license you will only have access to My Workspace, that will work for this exercise.

  1. Click on My Workspace and then Datasets.
  2. In the top right hand corner, click +Create and select Streaming Dataset.
  3. Choose API as the source of the dataset and click Next.
  4. Enter in a name for the dataset.
  5. Enter in the value names and data types.
  6. Turn on Historic data analysis to make the dataset a Hybrid of a streaming and push dataset. This means the data will be kept rather than only a temporary store.
  7. Click Create and the pane will show a message that the dataset has been created.
  8. Click close to show the dataset in the list.

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