SSIS Foreach NodeList Enumerator

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The SSIS Foreach NodeList Enumerator is useful to enumerate the XML nodes. For example, you can traverse to any node in a XML file using this enumerator. In this article we will show you, How to use this SSIS Foreach NodeList Enumerator with example.

Before we start demonstrating the Foreach NodeList Enumerator in SSIS, Let me show you the data that we are going to use for this example. This is Employee Table present in SQL Server that we are going to use for this example:

SSIS Foreach NodeList Enumerator Example
In this example, we will enumerate the nodes in above XML file, and copy the Occupation column information into another database table. In order to do so, First Drag and drop the Foreach Loop Container into the Control Flow region as shown 

Double click on it will open the Foreach Loop Editor to configure it. Within the General tab, Please specify valid Name and Description. From the below screenshot you can see that, we changed the default name to SSIS Foreach NodeList Enumerator

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