PowerBI-The game changer

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Power BI is made up of various technologies and has developed slowly. Microsoft uses confusing terminology and some of the terms often confuse users. Over the years, these technologies have been renamed or called by other names on other platforms, but are essentially known as:

  • Power Pivot : allows you to create relationships between tables and write Data Analysis Expressions ( DAX)formulas .
  • Query Editor / Power Query : imports and transforms data through steps and supports M functional language .
  • Reports / Power View : environment for creating dashboards and interacting with visuals of tables, filters and graphics.

You work with these Power BI technologies mainly on two platforms: Microsoft Excel, already well known in the market, and other software called Power BI Desktop. Do not confuse Power BI with Power BI Desktop . The first refers to Microsoft's suite of solutions, and the second is the name of software that you install and download on your computer.

Once you have designed the reports on these platforms (mainly in Power BI Desktop), you can use the Power BI Service to publish the reports. This means that you can publish your report on a web page and with a link (URL), you can share the report with your organization's employees or customers. Then they can access reports from a browser or mobile phone without having to have Excel or Power BI Desktop installed.

In addition, Power BI is not limited to Excel or Power BI Desktop: after you publish it to the Power BI Service, you still have a variety of administration, data synchronization, restriction, and privacy tools on the Power BI portal for power improve your experience and your co-workers.

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