Creating a Slicer that also contains a DAX Measure

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  • Line 1

    • What I have done above is created a table called Slicer Table
  • Line 2-3

    • This is where I added the ADDCOLUMNS Syntax for my table.
    • NOTE: Thanks to Maxim for commenting and letting me know that I did not need the original CALCULATETABLE
  • Line 4

    • I then used the SUMMARIZECOLUMNS DAX function and put in the ( ‘All Web Site Data'[Country] column, as per my requirement to get a Count of Sessions per Country.
  • Line 5

    • This is where I created my Column Name called “Sessionszz” and my measure called [Sessions]
    • NOTE: When I use measures I only use the Square brackets.
  • Line 6-7

    • I then close off my previous DAX functions.

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