Yammer Analytics In Power BI

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Let’s imagine your organization is using Yammer as an internal platform for digital collaboration, engagement, knowledge sharing etc.

It is a large international organization with employees around the globe (think big).

I have access to Yammer in one of such organizations since 2014 and in November 2014 I founded a group dedicated to “Data Analysis & Reporting” related questions.

IMHO, any large organization needs something like this. There are usually tons of company-specific questions around data & reporting: where to get data from, how to clean / transform, how to interpret etc.With the good thoughts in my mind I started utilizing Yammer to spread the knowledge, share tips and tricks on various topics: Excel, VBA, Power BI, O365 services, SharePoint, MS Flow etc..Why not in public place? Because of company-related technologies/data on screenshots and videos.After a certain time I was obviously keen to know stats about my group. Does anyone read my posts?

That screenshot was made in Nov-15, pretty much one year since Yammer was widely introduced in the organization.People were reluctant to use Yammer in the beginning. As of today, many are still considering it as evil, “waste of time” etc. But this is not something I want to talk about today.You are here to know how to get data from Yammer to Power BI in the end.Before pulling data to Power BI and reinventing the wheel, you might want to consider existing options like Tryane analytics or something similar.For example, by default we have Yammer’s Group Insights, which it not a bad thing I should say, but too high-level.

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