10 Reusable Components: tab control, calendar, dialog box, map control and more

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Before I delve into individual components, I would like to share 2 guiding principles we used as much as possible when building these controls.

1) A reusable control should offer a degree of customization and flexibility so that consumers of the controls do not need to delve into the component’s internal implementation in order to meet their requirements.

2) The interface of the control should remain simple and clean. By interface here, I mean the input and output parameters of the components.  One has to carefully consider which input parameters are worth exposing. There is a balance between providing a flexible controls and over bloating the control with too many parameters (Interface bloat).

To follow these 2 principles, we used a simple strategy where exposed only important input parameters and used a generic Styles property (a value-pair collection) to include more refined style related parameters that are useful for those who wants to further change the look and feel of the control.

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