Power BI Dataflows

25-02-2019  0 Comment(s)

One of the compelling features of dataflows is the ease with which any authorized Power BI user can build semantic models on top of their data. Because dataflows already store data in CDM folders, the integration between Power BI and Azure Data Lake makes it possible for any authorized person or service to easily leverage dataflow data, using CDM folders as a shared standard.

Furthermore, with the introduction of the CDM folder standard and developer resources, authorized services and people can not only read, but also create and store CDM folders in their organization’s Azure Data Lake Storage account. Once a CDM folder has been created in an organization’s Data Lake Storage account, it can be added to Power BI as a dataflow, so you can build sematic models on top of the data in Power BI, further enrich it, or process it from other dataflows.

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