Power BI Gateway Connection and Managing Gateways

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1. PowerBar Web will schedule the refresh of the screen (automatically can define defined in the hours that we set as data sources to increasingly data update.) Report DATA SETS menu ... clicked section and RENEWAL of TIME (Schedule Refresh) is selected.

If you want to update the data manually , click REPLACE NOW from the drop-down menu .

2. Now let's look at how to define these gateways.

Concept of gateways ; means to identify the sources of the data we have used when creating the report.

For example, the data from the database from which server ( server ), from which database ( Database ) to define the data we have drawn from excel is the path ( path ) where we identify the data .

3. The gateway connection in the pop-up screen is inactive ( offline ) status. After defining all gateways connected to the report, this section will be activated ( online ). Click the Manage Gateways link.

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