Difference between a Heap table and a Clustered table

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Heap table is a table in which, the data rows are not stored in any particular order within each data page. In addition, there is no particular order to control the data page sequence, that is not linked in a linked list. This is due to the fact that the heap table contains no clustered index.

clustered table is a table that has a predefined clustered index on one column or multiple columns of the table that defines the storing order of the rows within the data pages and the order of the pages within the table, based on the clustered index key.

The heap table can be identified by querying the sys.partitions system object that has one row per each partition with index_id value equal to 0. You can also query the sys.indexes system object also to show the heap table index details, that shows, the id of that index is 0 and the type of it is HEAP.

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