Bulk Loading from Microsoft Azure

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This set of topics describes how to use the COPY command to load data from an Azure container into tables.

Note that:

  • Snowflake currently supports loading from/unloading to Blob storage only. Snowflake supports the following types of storage accounts:

    • General-purpose v2 accounts

    • General-purpose v1 accounts

    • Blob storage accounts

    Snowflake does not currently support Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen1 or Gen2).

Step 1
Snowflake assumes the data files have already been staged in an Azure container. If they haven’t been staged yet, use the upload interfaces/utilities provided by Microsoft to stage the files.

Step 2
Use the COPY INTO <table> command to load the contents of the staged file(s) into a Snowflake database table. You can load directly from the bucket, but Snowflake recommends creating an external stage that references the bucket and using the external stage instead.

Regardless of the method you use, this step requires a running, current virtual warehouse for the session. The warehouse provides the compute resources to perform the actual insertion of rows into the table.

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