Insights with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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We know that data makes every decision better, but decisions need to be timely to be competitive in the market. Fast decisions need a fast data warehouse. United Airlines differentiates itself in a highly competitive market by making its sales analytics widely accessible across the organization. However, until recently accessing the insights took up to a week. With the help from trusted partner Capax Global, United Airlines built a modern data warehouse solution on Azure to take advantage of the lightning fast query performance and massive query concurrency of Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

SQL Data Warehouse sets new industry standards
Building on the advances of Compute Optimized Gen2 tier like adaptive caching, Azure SQL Data Warehouse now sets benchmarks for two key customer criteria: query performance and query concurrency.

Query performance
To measure cloud data warehouse performance, Gigaom Research recently ran benchmark tests between Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Amazon Redshift using a workload derived from the well-recognized industry standard TPC Benchmark™ H (TPC-H).

According to the Gigaom research, Azure SQL Data Warehouse ran 30 TB workloads at least 67 percent faster than Amazon Redshift.Beyond runtime performance, Gigaom also measured the price-performance ratio to quantify the USD cost of specific workloads. SQL Data Warehouse was at least 23 percent less expensive then Redshift for 30TB workloads. With SQL Data Warehouse’s ability to scale compute elastically as well as pause and resume workloads, customers pay only when the service is in use, further decreasing their costs.

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