Azure SQL DB

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When choosing to create the database from a sample, the Collation cannot be changed. You can only provide a Collation when creating a blank database. A Collation is used to specify the language characters used in char and varchar datatypes. It also specifies sorting rules, case, and accent sensitivity properties for the data. You can learn more about collations by reading this MSDN article.

Validation should be successful to create the desired database and if you want to have the new database available in the dashboard just check the Pin to dashboard option. The dashboard is presented by default when you log in to the Microsoft Azure portal, but you can always go to the dashboard anytime by clicking on the Dashboard option in the left menu of the portal.

What is also interesting is that Azure gives you an option to generate the code for creating the database. For that click in the Automation options link to check what is available. At the time I am writing this tip the following options are available:

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