Indexed views in sql server

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standard or Non-indexed view, is just a stored SQL query. When, we try to retrieve data from the view, the data is actually retrieved from the underlying base tables. So, a view is just a virtual table it does not store any data, by default.

However, when you create an index, on a view, the view gets materialized. This means, the view is now, capable of storing data. In SQL server, we call them Indexed views and in Oracle, Materialized views.

Script to create table tblProduct
Create Table tblProduct
ProductId int primary key,
Name nvarchar(20),
UnitPrice int

Script to pouplate tblProduct, with sample data
Insert into tblProduct Values(1, 'Books', 20)
Insert into tblProduct Values(2, 'Pens', 14)
Insert into tblProduct Values(3, 'Pencils', 11)
Insert into tblProduct Values(4, 'Clips', 10)

Script to create table tblProductSales
Create Table tblProductSales
ProductId int,
QuantitySold int

Script to pouplate tblProductSales, with sample data
Insert into tblProductSales values(1, 10)
Insert into tblProductSales values(3, 23)
Insert into tblProductSales values(4, 21)
Insert into tblProductSales values(2, 12)
Insert into tblProductSales values(1, 13)
Insert into tblProductSales values(3, 12)
Insert into tblProductSales values(4, 13)
Insert into tblProductSales values(1, 11)
Insert into tblProductSales values(2, 12)
Insert into tblProductSales values(1, 14) 

Script to create view vWTotalSalesByProduct
Create view vWTotalSalesByProduct
with SchemaBinding
Select Name, 
SUM(ISNULL((QuantitySold * UnitPrice), 0)) as TotalSales, 
COUNT_BIG(*) as TotalTransactions
from dbo.tblProductSales
join dbo.tblProduct
on dbo.tblProduct.ProductId = dbo.tblProductSales.ProductId
group by Name

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