Setup a tabular data model in SSAS Azure

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SQL Server Data Tools and SQL Azure can be used to quickly setup a tabular model in SSAS Azure. First you need to setup a SSAS Azure server by logging on to your Azure portal. The Analysis Services Preview menu option is available in the Intelligence + Analytics section of the new resources menu.

Following are the options required to be provided to setup a new SSAS Azure server. If you intend to start with a lower price tier, consider using D1 as shown below.

SSAS Azure supports a wide variety of data sources, SQL Azure database being one of them. I have a SQL Azure database named AdventureWorks containing AdventureWorksDW data. We will be using this data as the data source and will create a data model using this database.

Create a new blank Tabular project using SQL Server Data Tools. For the workspace server, consider using a local tabular server as your workspace server. Click on the Model menu and select the "Import from Data Source" menu item. As we are going to import data from SQL Azure, select this as shown below and click Next.

Provide the SQL Azure Server address, which should be in the format of [servername] Provide your server credentials and select the database which you intend to use as a data source. Once you have set the data source, click Next.

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