SQL Server Analysis Services and Big Data

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The Klout data warehouse, which relies on Apache Hadoop-based technology, exceeds 800 terabytes of data. But Klout doesn’t just crunch large data volumes; Klout takes advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services to deliver reliable scores and actionable insights at the speed of thought. Microsoft and Klout collaborated to build this Big Data Analytics solution. The goal for this solution was to find a cost-effective way to combine the power of Hadoop with the power of Analysis Services. The result is a solution that connects Analysis Services to Hadoop/Hive via the relational SQL Server engine, enabling Klout to reduce data latencies, eliminate maintenance overhead and costs, move aggregation processing to Hadoop, and shorten development cycles dramatically. Organizations in any industry and business sector can adopt the solution presented in this technical case study to exploit the benefits of Hadoop while preserving existing investments in SQL Server technology.

Klout analyzes massive amounts of social network user data to measure the impact of opinions, links, and recommendations and identify influential individuals on the social web. Their data warehouse holds more than 800 terabytes of data. The signal collectors score hundreds of millions of profiles and process over 12 billion data points every day—and with Analysis Services Klout achieves query response times of less than 10 seconds on 1 trillion rows of data on a single server with 24 cores and 128 GB of memory.

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