SSMS Tips and Tricks to boost your Productivity

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Use custom colors to differentiate between environments

During our day to day work in SSMS, generally we have to shift between different environments – Local/DEV/QA/MOCK/PROD, resulting in the creation of multiple query tabs – with each query tab connected to different environments. This often becomes unmanageable and difficult to keep track of. Also, think about a scenario when you have a data manipulation script to be executed in different environments, isn’t it a big advantage to have a visual differentiation between the environments you are executing your scripts against?

Reuse your copied items by storing in memory

Two shortcut keys which every developer use in their day to day work is CTRL+C and CTRL+V. The problem with pasting your copied contents using CTRL+V is that it only pastes the last copied text. ‘Cycle Clipboard Ring’feature in SSMS allows you to keep track of last 20 items you have cut/copy and reuse them without any need of copying and pasting text multiple times.

Edit multiple lines of code at the same time

SSMS provides a ‘Vertical Block Select Mode‘ feature by which you can select multiple lines, type code and it will reflect across all the selected rows. To leverage this feature, you need to hold down the ALT key, then left click on your mouse to drag the cursor over the text you want to select and type/paste the text you want to insert into multiple lines. Pressing the ALT key is important, since it indicates to the query editor to not select the entire line but to follow the mouse pointer/ arrow keys for any action.

Leverage built in Performance Reports in SSMS

SSMS provides a number of standard database level reports out of the box for performance monitoring and troubleshooting purpose. The best thing about these reports are that it encapsulates all the complexity behind generating them and displays the results in the form of graphical reports – which can be used in any of your presentations.


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