Visualising Tabular Object Dependencies in Power BI

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After importing the custom visual put it on the page then put “Referenced Object” to “Source”, “Object Name” to “Target” and “Object Count” to “Weight”. Depending on how big your model is and the number of model dependencies you should see something like the screenshot below.

As you see in the visual can look very messy and literally unreadable. The reason is that we’re showing all model dependencies. To make it more readable and useful we can put “Object Type” and “Referenced Object Type” columns on the page as slicers. Now if you select “Measure” in both slicers you’ll see measure dependencies.

It looks better now, but, it is still not good. Let’s format the visual to make it a bit better.

  • Click the “Force-Directed Graph” visual
  • Click format tab from the “Visualization” pane
  • Expand “Links” then turn the “Arrow” option on. This will show the flow of the dependencies
  • Expand “Nodes” and change “Max name length” to 50. The default is 10 which truncates the object names and makes them unreadable

You can add more visuals to get more insights from your SSAS Tabular model or Power BI Desktop object dependencies.

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