Building a time tracking flow

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  1. Save the file (Save as) with the name Timesheet.xlsx.
  2. Let’s create the Track Time flow: go to and if requested, sign-in
  3. Go to My flows - Create from blank:
  4. Note: This trigger will start the flow by pressing a button. The button can also be visible in the flow mobile app, including in the home screen of a smartphone. If needed, a form can show up when the user pushes the button. But in any case, some default information like the current user coordinates and current time are captured automatically by flow when the button is pressed.
  5. Add the Excel Online (Business) Connector and select the associated action Excel Online (Business) Add a row into a table action. To do so, add a Location, Document Library, File and Table based upon the location of your spreadsheet in OneDrive for BusinessWhat we want to achieve is adding the current user address location and time stamp into the spreadsheet. Doing this will create a connection with the current user account.
  6. Once your table is launched you will see additional fields appear (column names) then fill in the action properties with DYNAMIC CONTENT (select them with the dropdown) with the following values:

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