DAX Measure Dependencies in SSAS Tabular and Power BI

24-04-2019  0 Comment(s)
  • Open Power BI Desktop
  • Select “SQL Server Analysis Services database” then click “Connect”
  • Enter the “Server” and “Database”
  • Make sure you select the “Import” mode
  • Expand “MDX or DAX Query” and copy/paste the following DMV then click OK
  • After importing data to Power BI click “Edit Queries” to open “Power Query Editor”
  • In Query Editor rename columns with more user friendly names
  • I also do prefer to capitalize each word in the “Object Type” and “Referenced Object Type” columns. You can do this by selecting both columns then right click and select “Capitalize each Word” from “Transform” sub-menu
  • “Close & Apply”
  • The last step is to create a very simple measure to count the number of dependencies in the current filter context

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