SSAS Named Calculations

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In SQL Server Analysis Services, a Named Calculation is nothing but creating new column and add it to a Table or View in Data Source View. Named Calculation is created based on the expression or some static value or combination of existing columns. Following are the important features of the Named Calculations

  • Named Calculation allows you to add an extra column to the Tables or Views present in the SSAS Data Source View.
  • All the Columns created using the Named Calculations belongs to Data Source View only and they are independent of underlying Data Source (Server).
  • We can create Calculated Column by combining one or more columns from underlying data source View. For instance finding the Full Name by combining First Name and Last Name
  • We can create Named Calculation to hold any static value also
  • We can create Named Calculation using SQL Expressions. For instance calculating the profits, Tax, Product waste etc
  • All the Named Calculations are calculated during the processing time, this may slow down the processing time.

Creating Named Calculations in SSAS

Click on the Data Source Views folder in Solution Explorer and then click on the created Data Source View. 

Below screenshot will show you Data Source View


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