Error Handling in SSIS

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errors might occur when we are extracting data from a source, or loading data into a destination, or when you are performing a transformation. This is because of the unexpected data, and it is a bad practice to fail the package.

To handle these situations, SSIS introduced the concept called Error Handling. In this article, we will show you, How to configure Error Handling in SSIS with an example.

For the demonstration purpose, we will Export data present in the Employee.xls to sql server database table, and configure error handling at Data Conversion. Below screenshot will show you the data present in the Employee Excel file

From the above screenshot, you can see that Occupation of EmpId 2, 13, 14 is larger than the length 255

Error Handling in SSIS Example

Drag and drop the data flow task from the toolbox to control flow and change the name as Error Handling in SSIS.

Double click on it will open data flow tab. Now, Drag and drop Excel Source, Data Conversion Transformation, OLE DB Destination from SSIS toolbox into the data flow region

Double click on Excel source will open the connection manager settings and provides an option to select the table holding the source data. Here, we are selecting the Employees.xls file present in the file system.

From the above screenshot, you can observe that we are selecting the Employee_Destination table present in the Employee.xls file

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