How to find a Dataset ID in Power BI

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Today, I had to get a single dataset ID from a report I had deployed to the Power BI Service. I quickly realized I had no idea where or how to get it! Turns out, it’s super easy to find – if you know where to look :)

Since I had to click around for a bit, do some searches, and get sidetracked in the REST APIs and PowerShell Cmdlets before I finally realized the ID was staring me right in the face all along, I figured I’d share this quick tip. That way, the next time I search for it, I might find my own blog post :D And who knows, maybe it can help one or two others?

The Dataset ID is part of its URL!

The heading above says it all, really, but we like pictures! :)

First, navigate to your datasets. Then, click the ellipsis next to the dataset and click Settings:

If you are anything like me, you may be looking around the dataset settings page. Maybe you click all the little options to expand them. You are so close! The dataset ID is actually part of its URL:

This same approach also works for getting IDs for other things like workspaces, dashboards, and reports. It’s a quick and easy way of getting one or a few IDs.

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