Insights with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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We know that data makes every decision better, but decisions need to be timely to be competitive in the market. Fast decisions need a fast data warehouse. United Airlines differentiates itself in a highly competitive market by making its sales analytics widely accessible across the organization.

Azure SQL Database DTU Calculator

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 Azure SQL Database. If so, you've probably asked yourself, "which service tier and performance level should I use and how many database throughput units (DTUs) am I using now?" This calculator will help you determine the number of DTUs for your existing SQL Server database(s)

Azure SQL DB

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When choosing to create the database from a sample, the Collation cannot be changed. You can only provide a Collation when creating a blank database. A Collation is used to specify the language characters used in char and varchar datatypes. It also specifies sorting rules, case, and accent sensit

Write CSV in R

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I often write to CSV with R in order to save data and share files with others. One way to output a csv from R is with the command write.csv. Here is an example of how to write CSV in R:

# Write CSV in R
write.csv(MyData, file = "MyData.csv")

The above writes t

Memory management will blocks of code

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A solid understanding of R’s memory management will help you predict how much memory you’ll need for a given task and help you to make the most of the memory you have. It can even help you write faster code because accidental copies are a major cause of slow code. The goal of this cha

R Interface to TensorFlow

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TensorFlow™ is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional data arrays (tensors) communicated betwe

Common Data Analysis Pattern with a Simple Solution in R

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It seems that much of the data analysis work I've done over the last few months has followed a "script". First, identify data, often government-sponsored and freely-available, that's of keen interest. Next, find the websites that house the data and download the relevant files to

Counting and correlating pairs of words with the widyr package

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Tokenizing by n-gram is a useful way to explore pairs of adjacent words. However, we may also be interested in words that tend to co-occur within particular documents or particular chapters, even if they don’t occur next to each other.

Tidy data is a useful structure for comparing

PowerPoint presentations from R

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Regardless of the tools used for data analysis, normally the way to display the results is a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

 PowerPoint presentation and insert a series of graphics and text programmatically, using the OfficeR and rvg&

Control flow of R

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The basic form of an if statement in R is as follows:

if (condition) true_action
if (condition) true_action else false_action

If condition is TRUEtrue_action is evaluated; if condi

How to create an R Script

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We first need to write the R script before we import it into Power BI. Power BI only gives a minimal scripting area so it is much more easier to use an IDE to development the script. If you don’t have R setup on your computer then please read How to Setup Power BI to Use R Scripts. Open R S

How to Write CSV in R

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 CSV with R in order to save data and share files with others. One way to output a csv from R is with the command write.csv. Here is an example of how to write CSV in R:

# Write CSV in R
write.csv(MyData, file = "MyData.csv")

The above writes the data dat

Interpreting machine learning models with the lime package for R

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Many types of machine learning classifiers, not least commonly-used techniques like ensemble models and neural networks, are notoriously difficult to interpret. If the model produces a surprising label for any given case, it's difficult to answer the question, "why that&nbs

One-way Analysis with Permutation Test

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Permutation tests are non-parametric tests that do not assume normally-distributed errors.  However, these tests may assume tha

Statistics of Dispersion

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Measures of dispersion—such as range, variance, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation—can be calculated with standard functions in the native stats package.  In addition, a function, here called summary.list, can be defined to output wh

effectiveness in advanced analytics & data science

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Both R & Python should be measured based on their effectiveness in advanced analytics & data science. Initially, as a new comer in data science field we spend good amount of time to understand the pros and cons of these two. I too carried out this study solely for “self” to de

Introduction to vector calculus and partial derivatives

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Neural network layers are not single functions of a single parameter, f(x). So, let’s move on to functions of multiple parameters such as f(x,y). For example, what is the derivative of xy (i.e., the multiplication of x and y)?

Well, it depends on whether we are changing x or y. We


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Go to My Flows and Create From Template:


Search for “email boss”. You will see there are a few templates, including “Get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss”, “Get a text when you receive an email f