Count Rows using Power Query

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Power Query or Get & Transform (In Excel 2016) lets you perform a series of steps to transform your Excel data.  One of the steps it allows you to take is to count the number of rows in your query.

And with just one step, you can get the count very easily!


Drill Down Reports in SSRS

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The Drill Down Reports in SSRS means allowing Users to Show or Hide the Column Data by providing plus and minus symbols on a text box (In short, Providing Interactivity to the Users).

In this article, we will show you, How to Create Drill Down Reports in SSRS with an example.


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Reporting Services (SSRS) OR Filter Logic

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 I am working on having a sales meeting and want to include the local sales people along with some of my top performers.  I would create a report with two parameters, one to filter the report by state and the other based on the sales amount like the following:

In order to reso

Global References in SSRS

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The Built-in Fields Collection includes the Global references in SSRS and the references include the global variable which is pre-defined by the Microsoft. These are the common variables that are used in every report that we design such as Page Numbers, Total Page Numbers etc.

We are go

Column Chart in SSRS

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SSRS Column charts are good for comparisons. By seeing the Column Chart one can understand the business without any further concerns.

For example, compare product Sales of this year with the previous year, Monthly / Yearly performance of an employee, customer orders compared to last yea

Keep Headers Visible While Scrolling in SSRS

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Keep Headers Visible While Scrolling in SSRS Reports. Please refer to SSRS Table Report, Data Source and Dataset articles to understand the creation of Data Source, Dataset and Table report.

From below screenshot, you can see, It was a normal Table report with Product Name, Color, Sales

Add Total and Subtotal to SSRS Report

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To explain the steps involved to add Total and Subtotal to SSRS Report, We are going to use  below shown DataSet. Please refer to Embedded Data Source and Dataset articles to understand the steps involved in creating Embedded Data Source, and Dataset that we used for this report. <


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Creating shared datasets in SSRS

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In SSRS, Dataset is an SQL Command used to retrieve the data from Data Source for Report creation. Dataset consists of SQL Command, parameters, filters etc. SQL Server Reporting Services supports two types of datasets: Shared Dataset and Embedded Dataset. In this article, we will show you, Steps

Add Date Range Dataset in Reporting Services

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1. Under Report Data on the Left-hand side of the report designer, Right-click on Datasets:

2. Click on Add Dataset and enter the following information:

  • Name = DateRange
  • Select "


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Microsoft has released the Common Data Model currently as part of its PowerApps suite. The Common Data Model and Common Data Service are a “Microsoft Azure–based business application model and storage mechanism for the Microsoft business application platform”. It allows for the